Concepts for Nursing Practice

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Jean Foret Giddens - 2016 - 576 pages

ISBN: 0323374735, 6

Looking for a conversational and easy-to-follow book that walks you through the most important nursing concepts and helps you apply them in practice? Then look no further than Concepts for Nursing Practice, 2nd Edition! Written by conceptual learning expert Jean Giddens, this innovative interactive ...text explains 58 of the most common nursing concepts - including six all new concepts - that span the areas of patient physiology, patient behavior, and the professional nursing environment. Featured exemplars for each concept are also discussed to help you more easily understand the concepts and apply them to the clinical setting. In addition to more concepts and featured exemplar sections, this new second edition also boasts a more intuitive organization and review questions for both RN and LPN/LVN programs. In a nutshell, Concepts for Nursing Practice, 2nd Edition is not only the key to understanding nursing concepts, it's also the way to hone your clinical reasoning skills and be confidently prepared for almost any workplace situation. Authoritative content written by expert Jean Giddens sets the standard for the rapidly growing concept-based curriculum movement. Exemplar lists for each concept, covering the lifespan and all clinical settings aid readers in assimilating concepts into practice. Case studies in each chapter allow readers to apply knowledge of concepts to real world examples. Logical organization of concepts into units and themes helps readers form immediate connections among related concepts - a key to conceptual learning. Original concept illustrations give readers visual cues to understanding and making connections across concepts. NEW! Six all-new concepts - spirituality, self-management, sleep, hormonal regulation, fatigue, and health disparities - cover a broader spectrum of nursing practice and provide added flexibility across a variety of nursing programs. NEW! Featured exemplar sections highlight selected exemplars related to each concept and provide a brief synopsis of the exemplar. NEW! Expanded resources for LPN/LVN programs include unique student review questions to offer additional study assistance. NEW! Revised format for Health and Illness concepts includes concise and consistent explanations of conditions across the lifespan along with the rationale for care. NEW! Revised format for Health Care Recipient and Professional Nursing/Health Care concepts provides streamlined explanations of conceptual material in a more logical order. NEW! Renamed theme on Resilience (formerly Coping and Stress Tolerance) emphasizes this increasingly important aspect of personal responsibility in health and illness.

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Publisher: Elsevier


medical, nursing, fundamentals & skills

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