PTCB Exam Simplified: Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Study Guide

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David A. Heckman - 2014 - 280 pages

ISBN: 1942682018, 1

Many people loved the 1st edition of "PTCB Exam Simplified." Now we're giving you even more to love! With new features like detailed tables, charts, and illustrations to facilitate quick learning, and a full-length practice exam, "PTCB Exam Simplified" is better than ever! How did we develop such an... outstanding study guide? We focused on the key elements every student is looking for: Relevant Don't buy a study guide that is bursting at the seams with unnecessary information. With "PTCB Exam Simplified," you can rest assured knowing that the information is relevant. Why? Because we focus only on key topics outlined on the PTCB exam blueprint. Current Standardized exams are always evolving. Make sure you prepare with a study guide that is up-to-date. Based on the most recent exam blueprint, "PTCB Exam Simplified" is as up-to-date as it gets! Practical You can read until you're blue in the face, but the best way to learn is by solving problems. "PTCB Exam Simplified" is packed with practice problems and examples. We also provide a top-notch full-length practice exam, complete with a detailed answer key! Let's face it, your time is limited. Start focusing on the content most likely to appear on the exam. Get an efficient, effective, and relevant review with "PTCB Exam Simplified." Don't settle for less.

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Publisher: Heckman Media

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