The American Promise, Volume I: To 1877: A History of the United States

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James L. Roark, Michael P. Johnson, Patricia Cline Cohen, Sarah Stage, Susan M. Hartmann, Alan Lawson - 2010 - 722 pages

ISBN: 0312452926, 6

The American Promise is more teachable and memorable than any other U.S. survey text. The balanced narrative braids together political and social history so that students can discern overarching trends as well as individual stories. The voices of hundreds of Americans — from Presidents to pipefitter...s, and sharecroppers to suffragettes — animate the past and make concepts memorable. The past comes alive for students through dynamic special features and a stunning and distinctive visual program. Over 775 contemporaneous illustrations — more than any competing text — draw students into the text, and more than 180 full-color maps increase students’ geographic literacy. A rich array of special features complements the narrative, offering more points of departure for assignments and discussion. Longstanding favorites include Documenting the American Promise, Historical Questions, The Promise of Technology, and Beyond America’s Borders, representing a key part of our effort to increase attention paid to the global context of American history.

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Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's


history, united states

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