Human Anatomy & Physiology

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Elaine Nicpon Marieb, Katja Hoehn - 2013 - 1107 pages

ISBN: 0321743261, 8

&>Ninth Edition of the best-selling Human Anatomy & Physiology, trusted authors Elaine N. Marieb and Katja Hoehn have produced the most accessible, comprehensive, up-to-date and visually stunning anatomy & physiology textbook on the market. Marieb draws on her career as an A&P professor and her expe...rience completing her nursing education; Hoehn relies on her medical education and award-winning classroom instruction--together, they explain anatomy & physiology concepts and processes in a meaningful and memorable way. In the most extensive revision to date-the Ninth Edition presents information in smaller and more digestible bites, making it easier to read and navigate. Note: This is the standalone book if you want the Book/Access Card/eText order the ISBN below; 0321871901 / 9 Human Anatomy & Physiology Plus A Brief Atlas of the Human Body Plus MasteringA&P with Pearson eText Package consists of 0321696549 / 0 MasteringA&P with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Human Anatomy & Physiology 0321743261 / 8 Human Anatomy & Physiology 080537373X / 8 Brief Atlas of the Human Body, A (ValuePack Only)

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Publisher: Pearson


education, teaching methods & materials, science & technology

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