Abriendo Paso: Lectura Second Edition 2007c

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José M. Díaz, María F. Nadel, Stephen J. Collins - 2006 - 453 pages

ISBN: 0131660977, 7

ABRIENDO PASO is a highly respected two-volume program is specifically designed to address the needs of high school students in upper-level study. Lectura - Reading selections provide a wide range of genres, themes, styles, and difficulty levels. The extensive activities develop language proficiency... in all four skills while preparing students for the AP Language Examination. Lesson Plans provide teaching support. The Testing Program provides blackmaster tests for each literature selection. Answer key included. 27 selections--short stories, poetry, magazine articles, and a play Extensive pre- and post-reading speaking and writing activities with activities to practice the AP testing formats Updated Audio CDs to practice new testing formats Gramatica - The text is an independent grammar book that features explanations in English followed by a variety of controlled and open-ended practice opportunities. This text is an ideal companion to Lectura or can be used alone. Upper Level Spanish Test Generator - Computer Test Bank with questions banks for all selections. Teachers can edit questions, create questions, and create different versions of the same test. Click here for Companion Sites

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Publisher: Pearson Prentice Hall


education, secondary, juvenile nonfiction, foreign language study

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