Biological Science

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Scott Freeman, Kim Quillin, Lizabeth Allison - 2013 - 1416 pages

ISBN: 0321894243, 3

ALERT: Before you purchase, check with your instructor or review your course syllabus to ensure that you select the correct ISBN. Several versions of Pearson's MyLab & Mastering products exist for each title, including customized versions for individual schools, and registrations are not transferabl...e. In addition, you may need a CourseID, provided by your instructor, to register for and use Pearson's MyLab & Mastering products. Packages Access codes for Pearson's MyLab & Mastering products may not be included when purchasing or renting from companies other than Pearson; check with the seller before completing your purchase. Used or rental books If you rent or purchase a used book with an access code, the access code may have been redeemed previously and you may have to purchase a new access code. Access codes Access codes that are purchased from sellers other than Pearson carry a higher risk of being either the wrong ISBN or a previously redeemed code. Check with the seller prior to purchase. -- Supports and motivates you as you learn to think scientifically and use the skills of a biologist. Scott Freeman's Biological Science is beloved for its Socratic narrative style, its emphasis on experimental evidence, and its dedication to active learning. In the Fifth Edition, the author team has expanded to include new members-bringing a fresh focus on accuracy and currency, and multiplying the dedication to active learning by six. Research indicates that true mastery of content requires a move away from memorization towards active engagement with the material in a focused, personal way. Biological Science is the first introductory biology text designed to equip you with a strategy to accurately assess your level of understanding, predict your performance, and identify the types of cognitive skills that need improvement. 032174361X / 9 Biological Science Plus MasteringBiology with eText -- Access Card Package Package consists of: 0321743679 / 1 Biological Science 0321842170 / 6 MasteringBiology with Pearson eText -- ValuePack Access Card -- for Biological Science

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Publisher: Pearson Education, Limited

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