Essentials of Radiographic Physics and Imaging

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James N. Johnston, Terri L. Fauber - 2012 - 248 pages

ISBN: 0323069746, 8

Prepare for success in the ARRT exam and in your career as a radiographer! Essentials of Radiographic Physics and Imaging provides the right amount of information to help you succeed in exams and in the practice of radiography. The text clearly explains the principles of physics, then covers radiati...on production and characteristics, imaging equipment, film screen image acquisition and processing, digital image acquisition and display, image analysis, and basic principles of computed tomography. Emphasizing practical information, expert authors James N. Johnston and Terri L. Fauber cover all the topics on the ARRT examination and provide easy-to-understand guidelines on how to produce high-quality radiographic images.An emphasis on practical information provides just what you need to know to pass the ARRT exam and to be a competent practitioner.Coverage of digital radiography describes how to acquire, process, and display digital images, and explains the advantages and limitations of digital vs. conventional imaging processes.Patient protection tips highlight patient exposure information, helping you control variables in the imaging environment to ensure patient protection.Practical tips explain succinctly the application of concepts, demonstrate how to apply those concepts, and describe how to use the information in clinical practice.Important relationships help you make the connection between physics and imaging concepts.Mathematical applications show how mathematical concepts and formulas are applied in the clinical setting.Critique exercises show how to evaluate the quality of radiographic image and how to determine which factors produced the poor image.Learning features highlight important information with an outline, key terms, and objectives at the beginning of each chapter and a chapter summary at the end, with references to Mosby's Radiography Online (MRO) throughout. A glossary of key terms provides a handy reference.

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Publisher: Elsevier/Mosby


medical, allied health services, imaging technologies

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