Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Imbalances: Content Review Plus Practice Questions

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Allison Hale, Mary Jo Hovey - 2013 - 325 pages

ISBN: 0803622619, 6

Content review Case studies NCLEX-style Q&A Here's all of the crucial coverage you need to succeed in class and confidently prepare for your classroom exams and the NCLEX. Easy-to-follow outlines focus on the information essential to make this challenging subject more manageable. Each chapter offer...s a concise, yet comprehensive review of the topic, followed by NCLEX-style questions in both multiple-choice and alternate-item formats. Rationales for both correct and incorrect answers, as well as test-taking tips, explain how to apply critical thinking to the question types--great preparation for classroom exams and the most recent NCLEX-RN� Exam. Bring your text to life with DavisPlus online content! A Plus code in the front of each new book unlocks DavisPlus student content. Two, 50-question exams, unique to DavisPlus, give you even more practice. (Access can also be purchased at DavisPlus.com.) "The in-depth explanation of F&E was helpful - you don't normally get a textbook explaining all of this to you in such an easy to understand way." - Maximilian Vonder, Student at Washington State University "Having the content review before the Q&A helps me study....Sometimes I need a brief reminder of the topic to get myself in the mindset to take test questions." - Joy Johnstone, Student at Shepherd University "The layout is the most helpful part for me. It is planned out just like how I take notes, simple and effective. I like the bullet points and the questions with answers/rationales. Also, I like how things that are high-risk are highlighted in red." - Shannon White, Student at Oregon Health & Science University "I love the "Did you know?" and "Making the connection" sections, as well as the diagrams. Everything is explained in such a clear, concise way! I also like that questions and answers are within each section, so you aren't flipping to the back to check your answers." - Linda Dicken, Student at University of Maryland "The pictures and straight to the point explanations and outlines most helpful (but if we really had to be honest here, the entire book is WONDERFUL and every single part is EXTREMELY helpful!)" - Carly Hasting, President of Alabama Association of Nursing Students, Student at University of Alabama in Huntsville

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Publisher: F. A. Davis Company


medical, nursing, test preparation & review, medical & surgical

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