Physical Examination & Health Assessment

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Carolyn Jarvis - 2012 - 880 pages

ISBN: 1437701515, 7

With an easy-to-read approach and unmatched learning support, Physical Examination & Health Assessment, 6th Edition offers a clear, logical, and holistic approach to physical exam across the lifespan. Detailed illustrations, summary checklists, and new learning resources ensure that you learn all th...e skills you need to know. This gold standard in physical exam reflects what is going on in nursing today with coverage of emerging trends and new evidence-based content. It's easy to see why this text is, far and away, #1 in this market! This item is a stand-alone text. A clear, conversational writing style makes learning easier. A two-column format distinguishes normal findings from abnormal findings, and uses color, step-by-step photos to clarify examination techniques and expected findings. Over 1,000 full-color illustrations present anatomy and physiology, examination techniques, and abnormal findings. Developmental considerations help in caring for patients across the lifespan with age-specific assessment techniques for infants, children, adolescents, pregnant females, and older adults. Abnormal findings tables include over 300 pathology photos to help in recognizing, sorting, and describing abnormalities. Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle boxes enable patient teaching and health promotion while performing the health assessment. An emphasis on cultural competencies reflects today's care considerations for an increasingly diverse patient population. Documentation examples show how to record assessment findings in the patient's chart, using the SOAP format. Summary checklists provide a quick review of examination steps. Spanish-language translations on the inside back cover highlight important phrases for better communication during the physical examination. A companion Evolve website helps you review key content offering case studies with critical thinking questions, printable health promotion handouts, a head-to-toe examination video, heart and lung sounds, audio chapter summaries, and more. NEW evidence-based guidelines reflect a focus on conducting the most effective, qualitative exams. NEW Substance Use Assessment chapter addresses this increasingly critical aspect of holistic patient assessments. 100 new photos of step-by-step examination techniques include all-new exam panoramas for key systems. 100 new abnormal findings photos provide instant visual cues for findings that are unexpected or that require referral for follow-up care. Expanded chapter on assessment of the hospitalized adult provides a focused assessment of the patient in the hospital setting. New content on obesity provides current information on this growing health problem.

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Publisher: Elsevier/Saunders


medical, education & training, nursing, assessment & diagnosis

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