Bessie Coleman

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I was born (date) in

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January 26,1892

Atlanta, Texas.


I am known as...

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She is known as the first public flight by an African American.


I became famous when...

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When she first piloted a airplane.


An interesting fact about me is...

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Growing up as a child she lived in a unhealthy, one-room dirt-floored cabin

In Atlanta, Texas.


Another interesting fact is...

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Bessie and her siblings worked in the cotton feilds.


One more interesting fact is...

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Bessie was the tenth child out of the thirteen children that Susan and George Coleman had.


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Bonus (if your person is dead): I died on (date).

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May 1, 1926

Jacksonville, Florida.


Bonus (if your person is dead): If I were alive today, I would...

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Believe in yourself.


Bonus : Quote

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"The air is the only place free from prejudices."


I received my education at...

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Langston University.


My name is...

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Elizebeth Coleman.


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