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The Cardiovascular System: Intrinsic Conduction System

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Flashcards for worksheet in Cardiovascular system.

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The intrinsic conduction system consists of ___________________ calls that initiate and distribute ______________ throughout the heart.

1. Autorhythmic cardiac
2. Impulses


The intrinsic conduction system coordinates heart activity by determining the direction and speed of ______________. This leads to a coordinated heart contraction.

Heart depolarization


List the functions fo rthe following parts of the intrinsic cnduction system:
a. SA Node_______________________________
b. Internodal Pathway________________________
c. AV Node_______________________________
d. AV bundle (Bundle of His)__________________
e. Bundle Branches__________________________
f. Purkinje Fibers___________________________

a. Sets pace for whole heart
b. inks between the SA and AV nodes
c. Delays occur here, while the atria of the heart contract.
d. Links between atria and ventricle
e. Conveys impulses throughout the ventricular walls


The action potentials spread from the autorhythmic cells of the intrinsic conduction system (electrical event) to the ______________ cells. The resulting mechanical events cause a heartbeat.



A tracing of the electrical activity of the heart is called a/an ____________________________.

ECG (Electrocardiography)


What do the following wave forms reflect?
a. P wave________________________
b. QRS complex______________________
c. T wave________________________

a. Atrial depolarization
b. Ventricular depolarization
c. Ventricular repolarization


In a normal ECG wave tracing, atrial repolarization is hidden by ___________________.

QRS interval


Note: Electrical events lead to mechanical events. Foe example, the P wave represents ___________ depolarization, which leads to atrial ____________.

1. Atrial
2. Contraction


A left bundle branch block would have a wider than normal wave for the _______________.

QRS interval


An abnormally fast heart rate (over 100 beats per minute) is called: _________________.


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