Peptide hormones

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Human Physiology
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Characteristic of a Peptide hormone.
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Peptide hormones are synthesized in the_______and stored in?

Rough endoplasmic reticulum, are made in advance and stored in secretory vesicles.


Peptide hormones release from parent cell by?



Peptide hormones are transported in blood by?

being dissolved in plasma (free movement)


The half life of a Peptide hormones is?

Short (minutes)


Peptide hormones are __________and __________. hydrophobic, hydophillic, lipophillic, lipophobic?

Hydrophillic, and lipophobic


location of the Peptide hormones receptor is....

cell membrane (transmember protein)


The Peptide hormones response to receptor Ligand binding is?

Activates second messenger system (cascade inside the cytoplasm)


General target response for Peptide hormones....

modifying existing proteins and induction of new protein synthesis.


Examples of Peptide hormones are_____


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