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Dark field light microscope lab 3

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What is principle behind dark field microscopy?

Opposite of light microscopy undiffracted light doesn't pass through specimen resulting in bright image against dark background useful in viewing UNSTAINED organisms


When would you use dark field microscopy

Wen observing unstained living microorganisms or microorganisms that are hard to stain and spirochetes that are poorly defined in bright field


Bright field

Uses light from lamp under stage to focus in plane of specimen


Dark field

Condenser forms hollow cone of light objective lense sits in dark hollow cone and light travels around objective lense like backlighting


What is function of abbé condenser in dark field microscopy

Directs light away makes dark


Function of dark field stop

To turn the compound microscope into a dark field microscope


How is compound mic turned into dark field mic

Fitting it with dark field condenser that has a resolving power greater than the objective
Light now passing through the specimen is diffracted and enters objective lense whereas undiffracted light doesn't results in bright image against dark background

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