Chapter 30 agenda-setting theory

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agenda-setting theory
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Agenda-setting hypothesis

mass media have ability to transfer the salience of issues on their news agenda to the public agenda


A theory whose time had come

Back-to-the-basics approach to mass comm. research
-contrasted selective exposure and limited effects
-predicts cause-and-effect relationship between media content and voter perception
- must show match between the medi's agenda and the publics agenda later on


Media agenda

Pattern of news coverage across major print and broadcast media, measured by prominence and length of stories


Public agenda

most important public issues, measured by public opinion surveys


What causes what?

Mcombs and Shaws findings were imprssive but equivocal
correlation cant equal causation
true test of agenda-setting hypothesis must show that public priorities lag behind media agenda


What causes what?(continued)

Yale researchers established cause and effect chain through experimental design
- viewers who saw media agendas that focused on pollution and defense elevated those issues on their own lists of concerns


Who sets the Agenda for the agenda setters

New's editors as "gate keepers" of political dialogue
- candidates and politicians as ultimate source
- current thinking: crucial role of public relations
professionals working for government agencies, corporations, and interest groups
*75% of what reaches an editors desk never see;s the public
example: west wing
interest aggressions- clusters of people who demand center stage for their one, overriding concern
-creates events that the media will cover


Index of curiosity

people willing to let media shape thinking when a high need for orientation exists
-high relevance



Selection of a restricted number of thematically related attributes when a particular issue is discussed
-Media supplies a context/ a way to view the issues
-media not only set an agenda but also transfer the salience of specific attributes


Two levels of agenda setting

level 1: issue salience(prioritizing some topics over others)
Level 2: framing an issue's attributes

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