Geography Topic 3 Case Study: Three Gorges Dam (Renewable Energy)

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Give brief details on the features and location of the Three Gorges Dam

-Largest dam in the world
-Over 2km wide and produces 22,500 MW of electricity
-Located on the Yangtse River in Central China


Give 5 reason why the dam was chosen to be built in the Yangtse River

-Third largest river in the world, offered huge hydroelectric potential
-Wide flat riverbed made building easier
-Due to its communist nature, China was able to relocate people around the area easily
-China's large population made getting a workforce easy
-No seismic activity within the area recently although China is known for is seismically active


Give several advantages of China's Three Gorges Dam

-The rate of energy production, equivalent to burning 11,000 barrels of oil per hour, is enough to supply Beijing with power for one year.

-The Three Gorges dam will enable better navigation to boost Yangtze River trade, which accounts for 80% of China’s inland shipping.

-The Three Gorges Dam believe that it will serve to protect 15 million people and 1.5 million acres of farmland in areas of the Yangtze River that are vulnerable to flooding.


Give several disadvantages of China's Three Gorges Dam

-One million people around the three Gorges Dam had to move away for construction of the dam

-The surrounding ecosystem of the Yangtze River will be heavily damaged

-Historical landmarks around the area will be submerged

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