Laboratory Experiments in Microbiology-Exercise 4

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transfer of bacteria: aseptic technique
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Agar deep is a semi-solid or solid?



Describe the growth pattern of a motile organism in a semisolid deep.

Moved upwards spread out near top where it is oxygen rich- the bacteria is nutrient rich


How will the arrangement of Lactococcus lactis in broth differ from the arrangement in the slant culture?

in the broth it will be turbid, flocculent, pellicle or sediment because it is in liquid
and it is oxygen rich
the slant will be zig-zagged and less growth at top


Results of nutrient broth:

Lactococcus lactis:turbid -yes; flocculent or pellicle-no; pigment-no
Pseudomonas aeruginosa-yes, pellicle and sediment and no pigment
Proteus vulgaris-yes, no, no


Nutrient agar slant results:

Lactococcus lactis- flocculent
Pseudomonas aeruginosa-green down side
Proteus vulgaris- flocculent all over


Nutrient solid agar deep:

Lactococcus lactis- squiggly down stab mark
Pseudomonas aeruginosa-motile and flocculent and pellicle
Proteus vulgaris- aerobic and stab mark


What are agar slants used for?

provide solid growth surface


Did growth occur at different levels of the agar deep?


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