Chemistry (Chapter 12)- Energy changes in chemical reactions

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-Absorbs heat
-Positive enthalpy change
-Bonds are broken



-Releases heat
-Negative enthalpy change
-Bonds are made


When are endothermic reaction used in everyday objects

Cold packs for sports injuries.
Ammonium nitrate dissolves, energy is absorbed making the surroundings cooler


When are exothermic reaction used in everyday objects

-Hand warmers, self heating cans
-Calcium oxide is added to water, releasing heat energy


When food and fuels react with oxygen...

What is released in what type of reaction?
What unit of measurement is used?
What piece of equipment can we use?

-Energy, exothermic


Draw and describe an endothermic energy level diagram

card image

-Energy is absorbed by the reaction, temp drops.
-Products have higher energy levels (thus +entalaphy change)


Draw and describe an exothermic energy level diagram

card image

-Energy is released, temp rises
-Products have lower energy levels (thus -entalaphy change)


What affects does a catalyst have on the structure of the graph

-The height of graph will be lower if catalyst is present
-Due to lower activation energy


In chemical reactions, energy must be supplied to _____________ between atoms in the reactants

break the bonds


When new bonds are formed....

energy is released


In an exothermic reaction, the energy released when new bonds formed is_________ than when bonds are broken



In an endothermic reaction, the energy released when new bonds formed is_________ than when bonds are broken


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