Geography Topic 1 Case Study: Singapore (Pro Natalist Policy)

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What factors made Singapore introduce its pro natalist policy?

-Lowest total fertility rates
Has a rate of 1.1 (Replacement rate is 2.1)

-Very high percentage of foreign individuals
36% of population is foreign (If not implemented possible loss of culture, heritage etc.)


Name the strategies that Singapore has implemented to increase its population

-Increasing maternity leave to 12 weeks for the first four babies
-Increase child benefits for each family
-Paying $1000 for six years into a special account
-Slogans and posters, 1987's slogan: "Have Three Or More" (if you can afford it)


Name some successes of Singapore's pro natalist policy

13.6% increase in birth rates in 1988 (the year the policy was introduced)


Name some problems with Singapore's pro natalist policy

-The 40 year old virgin
People in Singapore tend to have a firm mindset of marrying late and having fewer children

-High cost of living
Due to high expenses, families would prefer to have less children to cut costs

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