Texas Govt ch. 3

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Chapter 3
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Article 3 of the Texas Constitution assigns power to a _______ legislature consisting of the 31 members of the senate and the 150 members of the house of representatives



Which is not a correct statement about the present-day Texas Constitution?

It is the longest state constitution


Texas gives its voters the power to do which of the following?

Approve constitutional amendments Correct


Texas and Oklahoma are the only states that have

two courts of final appeals


Which of the following is not true of the Texas Constitution of 1845?

It granted the governor a term of four years


Which is a correct statement about the Texas Constitution of 1866?

All of the above are true.

(A civilian government was established, Confederate war debts were renounced, & Secession from the union was nullified)


Which election method allows citizens to place proposals on the ballot for voter approval? If the measure passes, it becomes law.



Which of the following is not true of the Texas Legislature?

Senators serve six-year terms and Representatives serve four-year terms


Texas does not permit voters to decide directly on

legislative appointments


Which of the following was the slogan of the Texas Grange going into the 1875 Constitutional Convention?

"Retrenchment and reform"


During the decade that followed the Civil War, Texas went from a period of Reconstruction to one of reconstitution. This was defined by

All of the above are true.

( the drive to guarantee former slaves their political and civil rights, the centralization of state power created an anti-government political environment, & the attitudes of those who wrote and ratified it)


Which of the following is not a proposal to reform the process of selecting judges in Texas?

Term limits


The constitution stipulates that state judges are to be selected by which method?

Partisan election by the voters


Which of the following is not a power granted to the Texas governor?

Reduction veto


Which of the following is not true of the Reconstruction Act of 1867?

It was passed by the Radical Democrats in Congress


In 1867, the Radical Republicans in Washington prevailed among the postwar factions with

All of the above are true.

(requiring former Confederate states to ratify the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments, the removal of local officials, & strengthening military rule)


Which U.S. Supreme Court case voided the Texas' governor's election of 1873?

Ex parte Rodriguez


Which of the following is true about the Texas Constitution's amendment process?

Ratification by the majority of voters

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