Wordly Wise 3000 Lesson 4

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1. A large, strong animal related to monkeys but without a tail. It can stand on two feet.
2. (v) To copy the actions or speech of that person.



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1. The gray matter made of nerve cells packed inside the skull. It is what we think with. It controls other parts of the body.



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1. A part of the tree that grows out of its main stem.
2. Anything that comes from a main part of something, as a branch comes from a tree.



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1. A large cave



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1. Something made with an open center to let the smoke from a fire rise and escape outside.



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1. A group of twelve.



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1. The bright, glowing gas we see when something burns.



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1. A piece of material made of string or rope knotted together in a way that leaves evenly spaced holes.



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1. A long pole with a sharp, pointed blade at one end.



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1. A burning stick held in the hand to give light.

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