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1. The buffy coat of centrifuged blood consists mainly of
a. the ejected nuclei of red blood cells
b. gamma globulins
c. ruptured red blood cells whose hemoglobin has sunk to the bottom
d. white blood cells and platelets
e. serum

d. white blood cells and platelets


The formed elements that are fragments of larger cells called megakaryocytes are

a. neutrophils
b. lymphocytes
c. erythrocytes
d. thrombocytes
e. plasma proteins

d. thrombocytes


Type AB blood contains
a. only antibody a
b. only antibody b
c. neither antibody A nor B
d. both antibody A and B

c. neither antibody A nor B


1.Blood flows from the superior vena cava into the
a. right atrium
b. inferior vena cava
c. left atrium
d. aorta
e. pulmonary trunk

a. right atrium


During the normal cardiac cycle, the atria contract when they are directly stimulated by the
a. SA node
b. AV node
c. conduction myofibers
d. baroreceptors
e. vagus nerve

a. SA node


The first heart sound (the lubb of lubb-dupp) is caused by the
a. closure of the semilunar valves
b. contraction of the two atria
c. contraction of the right ventricle
d. closure of the mitral and tricuspid valves
e. all answers are correct

d. closure of the mitral and tricuspid valves


The tunica interna of a blood vessel is made of
a. smooth muscle
b. cardiac muscle
c. skeletal muscle
d. endothelium
e. dense connective tissue

d. endothelium


Blood flow increases if
a. vasodilation increases
b. sympathetic stimulation to vessels with alpha adrenergic receptors increases
c. blood viscosity increases
d. net filtration pressure increases
e. parasympathetic stimulation to the heart increases

a. vasodilation increases


Hormones that cause vasoconstriction are
a. angiotensin II
b. angiotensin
c. epinephrine
d. vasopressin
e. all answers are correct

e. all answers are correct


Anterior to the elbows, the median cubital veins connect
a. axillary and brachial veins
b. cephalic and brachial veins
c. radial and ulnar veins
d. cephalic and basilica veins
e. basilica and brachial veins

d. cephalic and basilica veins

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