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Social Learning Theory- Bobo doll

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Bandura's experiment on bobo

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What was the aim of Bandura's Study into Bobo dolls?

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this experiment was to see if children who witnessed aggressive behaviour from an adult and replicate this aggressive behaviour when given the opportunity.


How were the participants of this experiment?

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36 boys and 36 girls aged 4 where used in this experiment.


Who were the role models used?

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The role models were one male adult and one female adult.


How were the participants categorised?

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The children were matched on the basis of their pre-existing aggressiveness. They did this by observing the children in the nursery and judged their aggressive behaviour on four 5-point rating scales. It was then possible to match the children in each group so that they had similar levels of aggression in their everyday behaviour. The children in the aggressive and non-aggressive condition were further subdivided by sex and the sex of the role model they were exposed to.

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What were the Independent variables in this experiment?

The condition the children were exposed to, the sex of the role model and the sex of the child.


Which groups were more aggressive? In relation to the sex of the role model the sex of the child and the group in which the child was classed as aggressive or non-aggressive.

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The children in the aggressive model condition made more aggressive responses than the children in the non-aggressive model condition. Boys made more aggressive responses than girls. The boys in the aggressive model conditions showed more aggressive responses if the model was male than if the model was female. The girls in the aggressive model conditions also showed more physical aggressive responses if the model was male but more verbal aggressive responses if the model was female.

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