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Constitution Amendments 11-27

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amendment 11

Lawsuits Against States
a state can't be sued by citizens from another state or foreign country.


amendment 12

Presidential Elections
made rules for the Electoral College and explained how the president and vice president were to be elected.


amendment 13

End of Slavery
slavery was no longer legal in tyne U.S. or any land that belonged to the U.S.


amendment 14

Due Process and rights of citizens
all people born in the U.S. are citizens. Gave citizenship to African Americans and Native Americans. Rights of citizen scant be taken away by the states. States must give equal protection under the law and due process.


amendment 15

Right of blacks to vote
people (men) Have the right to vote no matter what race or color.


amendment 16

Income tax
congress can collect tax on income.


amendment 17

Election of the Senators
changed the way that Senators were elected. People of the state would vote directly for senators.


amendment 18

Prohibition of liquor
made all alcoholic drinks illegal and the selling, making, importing, and exporting of liquor illegal.


amendment 19

Right of women to vote
women have the right to vote.


amendement 20

Beginning and ending dates for elected officials
the terms of the president and vice president end on January 20. The terms of Congress end at noon on January 3. New Congress meets January 3 at noon.


amendment 21

Repeal of prohibition
amendment 18 repealed.


amendment 22

president limited to 2 terms
no one can be elected to be president more than twice.


amendment 23

voting in Washington, D.C.
people living in Washington, D.C. can vote for the president and vice president. Washington, D.C. can have Electoral College votes.


amendment 24

End of poll taxes
people can't be charged a poll tax or any other tax to vote.


amendment 25

presidential succession
if the president dies, the vice president becomes president. If the office of vice president becomes empty, the president nominates someone to become vice president. That person must be approved by a majority of both houses of Congress.


amendement 26

voting at age 18
voting age of all electors was lowered from 21 to 18.


amendement 27

congressional pay
salary increases for members of congress can't go into effect until after the next congressional election.

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