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Abortion Emotional Side Effects

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emotional side effects of abortion will vary from one woman to another

some women feel a sense of relief


emotional and psychological side effects are more common than physical

range from mild regret to more serious complications like depression


an important factor related to the negative emotional or psychological effects has to do with the belief about the being growing inside

those who believe it's not a baby til it's born have less of a chance of negative consequences


intensity and duration of side effects varies

regret, anger, guilt, shame, lonliness, loss of confidence, insomnia, relationship issues, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, depression, anxiety


women commonly report that the abortion procedure affects them more than they expected

women who are more susceptible to have negative side effects include: women with previous emotional or psychological issues, forced or persuaded to get the abortion, religious beliefs that conflict with abortion, moral or ethical views conflict with abortion, obtain abortion at a later stage of pregnancy, no support from significant others or partner, obtain an abortion because of genetic or fetal abnormalities


someone considering abortions need to get help, avoid isolation, evaluate the circumstance, avoid pressure, and talk to others

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