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Quiz 3 Bio

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Quiz 3: Biology for Manchester

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Write two of the three scientific names for the species of mud puppy we learned. *Note- the scientific name of an organism includes both the genus and species name (Genus species). In what class does the mud puppy belong?

-Necturus Maculosus, Necturus Punctulus, Necturus Musculosis



Name two glands in the integumentary system of the mud puppy.

True or False (circle one): The mud puppy's skin is fully cornified.

True or False (circle one): The frog's skin is fully cornified.

-Mucous, Mixed, or Poison Glands (0.25 per gland)
-False (0.25)
-True (0.25)


Name two true chromatophores present in the mud puppy. Describe the pigments they contain.

-Melanophores – dark pigments

-Lipophores – Yellowish pigments


Write the male and female reproductive pathways for the mud puppy.

-Testes-Efferent ductules-Kidney-Mesonephric Duct- Cloaca

-Ovary-(ostium) oviduct-Kidney-Mesonephric Duct- Cloaca


Describe the direction in which the head of the mud puppy is flattened.

In what direction is the tail compressed? How many pairs of gills and gill slits are there present?

-Head is flattened dorsoventrally

-Tail is compressed laterally

-3 pairs of gills

-2 pairs of gill slits


What divides the coelom in the mud puppy?

What are the two cavities it divides it into?

Describe the digestive function of the spleen.

-the transverse septum

-pericardial cavity

-pleuroperitoneal cavity

-it has no digestive function


Name the chambers of the mud puppy's heart. Where does the sinus venosus receive blood from?

-Left atrium & Right atrium
-All parts of the body except the lungs


True or False (circle one) Copulation does not occur with mud puppies.

What passes through the mesonephric duct?
three systems?


-Sperm and urine
-Digestive, reproductive, and excretory


Give the full classification for the bony fish.

-Kingdom- Animalia
-Phylum- Chordata
-Class- Osteichthyes
-Species- Perca Flavescens


What are other names for the upper and lower jaws of the bony fish?
Describe the ears of the bony fish. What is their function?

-upper jaw- Maxilla
-lower jaw- Mandible

-Internal ears containing semicircular canals
-Balance to maintain proper orientation


What is the name for the covering of the gills in the bony fish?
What is the function of the swim bladder?


-It serves as a buoyancy organ to control the position in the water column
(***Note- may also function as a lung in some organisms)


What is the difference between a homocercal and heterocercal tail?
Give an example of an organism that has a homocercal tail and one that has a heterocercal tail.

-Homocercal- dorsal and ventral fins are about the same size/Heteroceral-they are different


To what class does the dogfish shark belong? To what phylum?
Give an example of another organism in this phylum. What is special about its skeleton?

-Bony Fish, Mudpuppy, etc.
-It is composed of cartilage


Give the digestive pathway for the dogfish shark.

What structure does the intestine have, and why is it necessary?


-Spiral Valves

-It is necessary to compensate for the short length of the intestine


True or False (circle one): Dogfish sharks are monoecious.
How can you tell from the external anatomy?

-The males have claspers behind the pelvic fins


Give the function of the dorsal fin.
Give the structure of the caudal fin.
Give the location of the pelvic fin.
Which type of fin have I not mentioned?

-Spine with protective glands
-Caudal end of the trunk on the ventral side
-Pectoral fin


What is the skin of the dogfish shark composed of?

Why can they regrow their teeth?

What is the purpose of the spiracle?

-Placoid scales

-The teeth are derived from their scales

-For inflow of water for respiration when the mouth is closed


What is another name for the streamlined shape of the dogfish shark?

What are the conjunctiva?

What is the purpose of rugae and where is it located?

-Tough coverings continuous with the eyelids
-Increase absorption in the stomach


How many lobes of the liver does the dogfish shark have?

What attaches it to the ventral body wall?

Give two of its functions.


-Falciform Ligament

-bile production/interconversion of storage products/detoxification/storage of oils that lend to buoyancy


What are the pores at the beginning of the lateral line system called?
What are two things this system is capable of detecting?

-Ampullae of Lorenzini

-Low frequency vibrations & electroreception

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