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Name 3 enlisted AF members who received the medal of honor during the vietnam conflict.

william pitsenbarger, richard etchberger, & John Levitow.


Name the NCO who shot down two MIGs on 12 Apr 1951, a feat unmatched by any other gunner.

Sgt Billie Beach


Who was the last US serviceman to engage communist forces in ground combat in Southeast Asia as he helped to rescue the crew of the USS Mayaquez (captured in May 1975) in the famed Son Tay POW camp raid?

CMSgt Wayne Fisk


What 1992 operation relieved the suffering of refugees from the famine in Somalia?

Operation provide relief


The Air Staff helps the ____ carry out his or her responsibilities.



AMC's mission encompasses more than _____ AD and ARC military and civilian personnel.



When determining an appropriate force mix, which considerations are unique to ANG units?

Dual State and federal missions


Doctrine gives Airmen an informed starting point to make decisions during continuous deployments. It solves up to ______ percent of basic issues like "What is my mission?" or "What are the lines of authority?"

90 percent


What is the greatest vulnerability of air and space power employment?

Its misuse or misdirection


If more than one service contributes airpower to a Joint Force, the service commander with the preponderance of airpower assets and the capability to plan, task and control joint airpower operations should normally be the?



Congress authorized the aviation section of the Signal Corps on 18 July 1914, consisting of how many officers and enlisted men?

60 officers and 260 enlisted men


The fifth overall MiG-21 kill during linebacker II in Vietnam went to whom?

A1C Albert E. Moore


During Desert Storm, coalition air forces pounded entrenched ground forces into surrender. What did they do during the final stages of the air war?

"Tank plinked"


What led to integration of the Air Force?

Air Force Letter 35.3 in 1949


Which UN airlift operation to Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina lasted from 1992 to 1996?

Operation Provide Promise


What operation replaced Operation Provide Comfort in January 1997?

Operation Northern Watch


Who died while testing Aeroplane No. 1 Ft. Myers in Sep. 1908?

Lt Thomas Selfridge


Who was the first service secretary under the newly organized DoD?

Stuart Symington


What 1991 humanitarian airlift provided blankets, tents and food to displaced kurds in northern Iraq following the Persian Gulft War?


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