The Canterbury Tales The Prologue Characters

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The Knight

the most revered of all the characters; distinguished; told the first tale

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The Squire

the knight's son, full of curly locks, a ladies man, loves frivolous activities

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wore hood of green; a medal of St. Christopher


The nun

a prioress, simple, has yippy dogs, speaks French, wants to appear dignified but eats with her fingers


The Monk

loves hunting and eating, is fat


The Friar

seduces women, Wife of Bath hates him


The Cleric

An Oxford student, loves books



loves fine foods and wine, is a landowner


The Cook

cooks for the group, excellent at his craft, has an oozing sore on his leg

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Wife of Bath

married five times, has a gap tooth



kind and loving to his flock



has a big wart on his nose and a big mouth, big, broad shouldered


The Host

the judge of the tales, owns The Tabard where the pilgrims begin their trip

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