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Ch. 22 Art Questions

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Which of the following features characterizes the right lung?

presence of a superior, middle, and inferior lobe

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Which blood vessels supply oxygenated systemic blood to the lung tissue?

bronchial arteries

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The indentation on the medial surface of each lung through which pulmonary and systemic blood vessels, bronchi, lymphatic vessels, and nerves enter and leave is called the ___________.


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In which region are the palatine tonsils found?


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Which of the following is NOT a function of the nasal conchae?

routing air and food into proper channels

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What part of the larynx covers the laryngeal inlet during swallowing to keep food out of the lower respiratory passages?


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During the Valsalva's maneuver, what part of the larynx closes to increase intra-abdominal pressure, such as to help with defecation?


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Which cartilage belonging to the larynx anchors the vocal cords?

arytenoid cartilages

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Which of the following is NOT a function of the larynx?

serving as part of the respiratory zone

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Since mucus-producing cells and cilia are sparse in the bronchioles and alveoli, how does the body remove microorganisms that make their way into the respiratory zone?

alveolar macrophages crawl freely along internal alveolar surfaces

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What type of epithelial tissue forms the walls of the alveoli?

simple squamous epithelium

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Where does gas exchange occur in the respiratory system?


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Which of the following pressures rises and falls with the phases of breathing, but eventually equalizes with the atmospheric pressure?

intrapulmonary pressure

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Which of the following pressures must remain negative to prevent lung collapse?

intrapleural pressure

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Calculate the transpulmonary pressure if atmospheric pressure is 755 mm Hg.

4 mm Hg

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Which of the following gives the relationship between the pressure and volume of a gas?

Boyle's law

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Which of the following pressure relationships best illustrates when inspiration will occur?

Ppul < Patm

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Which muscles are activated during normal quiet inspiration?

diaphragm and external intercostal muscles

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What is the volume of the total amount of exchangeable air for a healthy, young adult male?

4800 ml

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Which volumes are combined to provide the inspiratory capacity?

tidal volume (TV) + inspiratory reserve volume (IRV)

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What is the tidal volume of an average adult male?

500 ml

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Oxygen is unloaded where it is most needed when blood pH drops, this is a phenomenon known as ___________.

the Bohr effect

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What is the most common method of carbon dioxide transport?

as bicarbonate ions in the plasma

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Which of the following qualifies as a fully saturated hemoglobin molecule?

hemoglobin is transporting four oxygen molecules

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Which of the following initiates inspiration?

ventral respiratory group (VRG)

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Which of the following respiratory rates illustrates eupnea for an average, healthy adult at rest?

15 breaths per minute

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Which of the following modifies and smoothes the respiratory pattern?

pontine respiratory centers

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Which of the following stimuli is the most powerful respiratory stimulant to increase respiration?

rising carbon dioxide levels

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Which of the following inhibits the respiration rate?

stimulation of stretch receptors in the lungs

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Which of the following conditions or scenarios increases the respiratory rate?


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