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Root word :photo.... light

example words

photograph a picture token by a camera

photocopy its a copy of light

photosynthesis plant uses light to make food

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I took a photograph of my family.

I need a photograph of a photocopy of the photosynthesis example.

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Root word: psych
meaning metal mind

example words

psychic-mental mind

psychology-studty of the mind

psychopath-mental disorder

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I was studying psychology which is the study of mind

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Root word:tele

example words

television a picture watched from a far distant

telegram a message sent by a telegram

telescope a device that makes far objects closer

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When I watch television I know that the picture is from a far distance.

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Root word: ject

example words

eject-- to be put out

reject to throw away

object is to denied

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I got rejected by a college because I didn't have a good resume.

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Root word son

meaning: sound

example words

supersonic : faster than sound

unison: one voice

consonant: a speech sound

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When I look up I heard a noise but the supersonic jet wasn't there.

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