Art Appreciation: Chapters 10 & 12 Test Preparation

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A World of Art
Chapters 10, 12
Designed to encourage an understanding and appreciation of the visual arts through a study of their theory, history, and mechanics. Includes a survey of the major developments in the visual arts, and their respective aesthetic criteria, from Classical Greece to the present.
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When and where were the earliest photographs developed?

in the 19th century in France and England

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"Marilyn Monroe," by Andy Warhol, is an example of what kind of printmaking?



The first American film to fully utilize "every known trick of the filmmaker's trade," resulting in a masterful work, was

Citizen Kane.


Which of the following is an example of relief printmaking?


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Perfecting the photographic process, Louis Daguerre, in "Le Boulevard du Temple," was able to include what in his photographs?


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Still images from the film "Battleship Potemkin" demonstrate the montage technique of which filmmaker?

Sergei Eisenstein

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Eadward Muybridge's photographs, like "Annie G., Cantering, Saddled," are early examples of artists

capturing an object in motion.


What is the process that assures that the colors of a linocut or other relief print will align perfectly?



Because in lithography the painting surface is completely flat, it is referred to as


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According to the text, with which of these artistic movements does Jerry N. Uelsmann's "Untitled" have the most in common?



Monotype is unique among printmaking processes because it produces

only one print from the plate.


Who developed the "zone system" in photography?

Ansel Adams and Fred Archer


In any type of printmaking, after an initial set of prints is made and the block or plate is destroyed, the set of prints is referred to as

an edition.


If an artist pushes the point of a burin across a metal plate, forcing the metal up in slivers in front of the burin, the process is called



Which process best describes intaglio printing?

The area that prints is below the surface of the plate.


What is the chief advantage of printmaking over other media?

the artist can make multiple copies of a single image

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