The Book Thief Character Matching Exam Review

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-narrator of the story
-dark sense of humor
-feels remorse for having to collect so many souls


Liesel Meminger

-protagonist of the story
-changes from angry and distrusting to loving her family


Hans Hubermann

- Liesel’s stepfather
- strong sense of right and wrong causes him to act against his own best interests.


Max Vandenburg

- Jewish young man that the Hubermans hide in their basement
-son of Erik Vandenburg who fought in WWI with Hans
-intense hatred for Hitler


Rudy Steiner

- in love with Liesel
- is the physical embodiment of the perfect Aryan specimen, but he has surprising sensitivity and compassion


Alex Steiner

-Rudy's father
-won't sacrifice his son for Nazi training camp so he is drafted
-guilt for surviving the war while his family does not


Ilsa Hermann

-mayors wife
-introvert who is shattered by her sons death
-befriends Liesel, gives her books from her library


Frau Holtzapfel

- Hubermanns’ neighbor
- ongoing feud with Rosa Hubermann
- vulnerable when her son dies


Tommy Müller

-Liesel and Rudy’s classmate. Physically weak because of his bad ears, he is often pathetic and pitiable.


Arthur Berg

The first leader of the apple-stealing gang. Tough but fair, he shares the loot equally with the other kids.


Walter Kugler

The man who helps Max escape.


Franz Deutscher

The leader of Rudy’s Hitler Youth group. A sadist who represents the Nazi ideal, he takes special pleasure in tormenting and humiliating Rudy.


Viktor Chemmel

The second leader of the apple-stealing gang. Like Franz, he is a sadist who exploits his own power.


Frau Diller

Owner of the candy store. One of the most patriotic figures in the book, she is a rule-follower and a mean, ungenerous character. She embodies the Hitler ideal of the “good” German who blindly follows orders.


Werner Meminger

Liesel's younger brother who dies on the train ride to Munich


Robert Holtzapfel

Michael’s brother. Michael dies in Russia.


Erik Vandenburg

-fought with Hanns Hubermann in WWI
-taught Hans how to play the accordion

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