Anatomy & Physiology I Chapter 4

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functional and structural unit of all living things
*all cells must carry out certain functions to sustain life


3 main parts of a cell

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2.Plasma Membrane



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-contains genetic information
-the control center of a cell



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-loose threadlike material dispersed throughout the nucleus when the cell is not dividing
*within nucleus



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-results when the chromatin coils during the process of cell division
*within nucleus



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-composed primarily of proteins & RNA
-assembly sites for ribosomal particles
*1 or more



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protein synthesizing


Nuclear envelope

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double layered porous membrane lining the nucleus


Nuclear Pores

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-helps with the passage of proteins and RNA molecules
-regulates what can and can not pass through
-covers the nuclear envelope


Plasma Membrane

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-separates cell contents from the surrounding environment
-made up of fats & protein molecules
-determines which substances may enter and leave and in what quantity

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