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Exercise 1-1 Micro Lab: Glo Germ Hand Wash Education System

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3 factors that contribute to hand washing noncompliance

1. Heavy workloads
2. Skin reactions to the agent
3. Skin dryness from frequent hand washing


3 hand washing agents that cause skin reactions

1. Alcohol
2. Iodine compounds
3. Plain or anti microbial soap


4 reasons alcohol based hand rubs have replaced conventional hand washing

1. More effective than soap and water
2. Require less time
3. Produce fewer skin reactions
4. Have been shown to result in a higher level of compliance by healthcare workers.


What is Glo Germ?

Lotion consisting of minute plastic particles (artificial germs) that fluoresce when illuminated with UV radiation but are invisible with normal lighting


Why is hand washing so important in our field? (2 reasons)

1. minimize direct person-to-person transmission of pathogens by health care professionals and food handlers

2. for laboratorians handling pathogens to minimize transmission to others, inoculation of self, and
contamination of cultures

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