Blood tracing from toe, through heart, back to toe

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1. Dorsal metatarsal vein
2. Dorsal venous arch vein
3. Anterior tibial vein
4. Popliteal vein
5. Femoral vein
6. External iliac vein
7. Common iliac vein
8. Inferior vena cava
9. Passes opening from renal vein
10. Passes opening form hepatic vein
11. Right atrium
12. Tricuspid valve / right AV Valve
13. Right ventricle
14. Pulmonary semilunar valve
15. Pulmonary trunk
16. Right and left pulmonary arteries
17. Lungs
18. Right and left pulmonary veins
19. Left atrium
20. Bicuspid valve / mitral valve / Left AV Valve
21. Left ventricle



22. Aortic semilunar valve
23. Ascending aorta
24. Passes opening to Right and Left coronary arteries
25. Arch of aorta
26. Passes opening to brachiocephalic trunk
27. Passes opening to Left common carotid artery
28. Passes opening to Left subclavian artery
29. Descending aorta
30. Thoracic aorta
31. Abdominal aorta
32. Passes opening to celiac trunk
33. Passes opening to superior mesenteric artery
34. Passes opening to renal artery
35. Passes opening to inferior mesenteric artery
36. Common iliac artery
37. External iliac artery
38. Popliteal artery
39. Anterior tibial artery
40. Arcuate artery
41. Dorsal metatarsal artery
42. Dorsal digital artery
43. Dorsal digital vein


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