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Breath Sounds

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Normal breath sounds (4)

Tracheal, Bronchial, Bronchovesicular,Vesicular



Inspiratory = expiratory phases, pause between
Sounds: loud, harsh, and tubular
Heard over the trachea



Inspiratory < expiratory, short pause between
Sounds: Tubular, hollow, high pitched
Heard: Anterior manubrium,
Posterior 2nd and 3rd intercostals



Inspiratory = expiratory, no pause
Sounds: windy/ breezy
Heard: Posterior between scapulae, Anterior sternum



Inspiratory > expiratory, no pause
Sounds: wind rustling though trees
Heard: over most lung fields, especially periphery


Adventitious lung sounds (7)

Crackles, Fine Crackles, Course Crackles, Stridor, Pleural Friction Rub, Wheezes, Rhonchi


Adventitious lung sounds, mainly inspiration (5)

Crackles, Fine Crackles, Course Crackles, Stridor, Pleural Friction Rub


Adventitious lung sounds, mainly expiration (2)

Wheezes, Rhonchi



Intermittent, non-musical


Fine Crackles

Soft, high pitched, brief (like bubble wrap)
Caused by alveoli popping open


Course Crackles

Loud, low pitched (like opening Velcro)
COPD, Chronic bronchitis, pulmonary edema



Barking, high pitched, harsh sound on inspiration
Caused by airway obstruction, aspiration, inflammation


Pleural friction rub

Low pitched creaking, (like rubbing leather)
Heard more on inspiration, pt hurts to breathe
Have patient hold breath, if still heard = pericardial rub



High pitched, musical, usually heard on expiration
Caused by narrowing of airways/ swelling/ inflammation



Low pitched rumbling, snoring sound, moaning quality
Caused by secretions in the large airways

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