Exercise 4-2 Micro Lab: Columbia CNA with 5% Sheep Blood Agar

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Columbia CNA with 5% sheep blood

is a differential, undefined, selective media that allows growth of gram positive organisms and stops or inhibits growth of most gram negative organisms


Which 3 bacteria does the Columbia CNA help grow?

staphylococci, streptococci, enteroccocci


What 6 carbon energy sources are in the Columbia CNA?

1. casein
2. digest of animal tissue
3. beef extract
4. yeast extract
5. corn starch
6. sheep blood


In Columbia CNA, sheep blood provides the _________ and yeast extract provides the ________

X factor
B vitamins


What attacks gram negative bacteria in the Columbia CNA and how?

antibiotics colistin and nalidixic acid (CNA) interfere with DNA replication and affect membrane integrity


Which three bacteria are CNA antibiotics effective against?

1. Klebsiella
2. Proteus
3. Pseudomonas


How does sheep's blood help with the differentiation of gram positive organisms?

based on hemolytic reaction

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