Allport's Proprium

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includes all the facts about a person that make him or her unique


First Stage of Proprium development

Sense of "bodily me": infants learn their bodies exist because of the many sensations they experience


Second Stage of Proprium development

Sense of Self-Identity: the realization that there is continuity over time - come to realize they are the same people over time


Third Stage of Proprium development

Sense of self-esteem: feeling of pride that emerges when children learn they can do things on their own


Fourth Stage of Proprium development

Sense of self-extension: learn the meaning of the word mine; realize they own things aside from their own body


Fifth Stage of Proprium development

Emergence of self-image: develop a conscience that acts as a frame of reference for the "good" and the "bad" me; compare what they do to the expectations others have of them


Sixth Stage of Proprium development

Self as a Rational Coper: recognize thinking as a means of solving life's problems


Seventh Stage of Proprium development

Propriate Striving: become almost completely future-oriented; long-term goals give organization and meaning to life


Eighth Stage of Proprium development

Self as Knower (optional): the self is aware of, unifies, and transcends the preceding seven aspects of the self; synthesizes all of the propriate functions

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