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the distinctive patterns of behavior, emotions, and thoughts that characterizer's an individual's adaptions to his or her life is known as?



key aspects of most definitions of personality include?

emphasis on the individual


the two main approaches to personality theories are?

attempt to identify specific characteristics that are associated with different personalities

attempt to explain personality differences in terms of unconscious motivation, learning, self-actualization, or heritability of personality


Allport believed that the generalized and enduring traits that form the building blocks of our personalities are which traits?

cardinal trait, central trait, secondary trait


trait theories of personality provide psychologists with?

the behavioral traits that are building blocks of personality


Psychoanalytic theory of personality depicts people as being shaped by?

ongoing conflicts between primary drives and the social pressures of civilized society


according to Freud, the only psychic structure present at birth is the?



Freud believed that the governing principle of the ID was which principle?

reality principle


the Freudian psychic structure which seeks immediate gratification of the instincts is the?

pleasure principle


in the popular analogy of the human moral dilemma in which the angle stands on one shoulder and the devil on the other, Freud would say the angle represents ___ and the devi represents ___?

angle represents the ego-ideal
the devil represents conscience of moral inhibitions - "shoulder nots"


according to Freud, the dynamics of personality arise from



Freud believed that the ego used ___ to protect the personality from anxiety-producing thoughts and images?

a defense mechanism


the correct order of Freud's stages of psychosexual development is?



the oral stage of Freud's theory covers

birth through the first 12-18 months


Fixation is?

theory of psychosexual development, arrested development that results from exposure to either too little or too much gratification


an important advantage of the interview method of study personality is its?

flexibility (ex. if question is confusing, interviewer can clarify them)


tests that have ambiguous stimuli that allow respondents to place their own thoughts or feelings into their responses are called?

projective tests


a commonly used projective test in which the subject is asked to examine inkblots and state what they look like or what thy bring to mind is the?

Rorschach inkblot test


if a psychologist asks you to tell a story concerning a scene on a card he or she shows you the psychologist is giving you the

Thematic apperception test (TAT)


a common theme in definitions of personality is that?

the emphasis on the individual


the most basic defense mechanism that underlies all the other defense mechanisms is?



inadequate or excessive gratification during any psychosexual stage may cause


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