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Chapter 17: Reconstruction, 1863-1877

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The incident between John Orrick and Alex Webb in Greensboro, Alabama illustrates this problem in southern communities:

C) Class warfare


In 1860, the South held 25% of the nation's wealth. By 1870, it controlled this %:

B) 12%


Lincoln's reconstruction program was based on:

C) bringing seceding states back quickly and generously.


Sherman's Special Field order 15 was intended to:

E) deal with the freed refugees following him.


Throughout his political career, Andrew Johnson had championed:

E) yeoman farmers


Johnson saw reconstruction as the province of the:

A) Federal executive


In order to build a new political coalition of northern Democrats, southern Unionists and Conservative Republicans, President Johnson used this term rather than "reconstruction:"

C) Restoration


The premise behind Thaddeus Steven's view of Reconstruction was that the South should be:

E) populated with black and white yeoman


The "black codes" were:

E) southern laws designed to restrictthe freedom of black laborers.


The conclusion of the Joint Committee on Reconstruction was that:

B) old Confederates were back in power.


Fearful that their 1866 Civil Rights Act might be declared unconstitutional, the Radical Republicans:

C) gained passage of the Fourteenth Amendment


Republicans found this effective in the 1866 congressional elections:

E) "Waving the bloody shirt"


The Radical Republican intention with the Tenure of Office Act was to limit the powers of:

B) President Johnson


Johnson's acquittal established this precedent about removal of a president from the office:

B) Only criminal actions warrant removal


One of the results of the Reconstruction era for women was:

A) the establishment of an independent women's suffarage movement


One of the results of emancipation that struck observers in the immediate post-Civil War era was the freed slaves:

E) moving about


In the aftermath of emancipation, many African American women

E) experienced changes in gender roles.


One of the most lasting African American institutions and the first to be fully controlled by them was the:

C) Church


Tougaloo, Hampton, and Fisk are indicative of:

A) Black teaching colleges after the Civil War


The main goal that African Americans sought after the Civil War was:

D) economic autonomy


By 1880, nearly three quarters of black southerners

E) sharecroppers


In general, freed African Americans in the late 1860's were:

C) highly involved in political activity


If you were a northern soldier who remained in the South after the war, you were derisively called this by white southerners:

D) Carpetbagger


The Republicans depended heavily on this to promote the "gospel of prosperity" in the South:

A) Railroads


The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871:

E) made violent infringement of civil rights a Federal crime.


The Slaughterhouse cases, U.S. v Reese, U.S. v Cruikshank, and Civil Rights Cases of 1833 all had the effect of:

C) restricting the protection of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments respectively.


After the Civil War, "King Cotton:"

E) became an even more common crop than before.


The first big businesses in the United States were:

E) Railroad companiies


Credit Mobilier was an example of:

C) corruption in railroad promotion


Which of the following statements would a late 19th century Liberal Republican have agreed with?

A) Excessive government interference in the economy breed corruption

B) The government must actively direct the economy in an industrialized society

C) Universal suffrage is at the heart of a virtuous republic

D) Reconstruction of the South for freed men must continue

E) Women must have a larger role in government.

A) Excessive government interference in the economy breed corruption


The basic cause of the economic depression in 1873 was:

C) over-expansion of commercial interests


An electoral crisis developed in the Election of 1876 as a result of:

A) the assassination of the Democratic nominee

B) widespread voter fraud

C) a discrepancy between popular and electoral votes

D) disputed electoral returns from several states

E) answers b,c, and d above

E) answers b,c, and d above


Rutherford B. Hayes' election to the presidency in 1876 meant :

C) nullification of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments and the Civil Rights Act.


The freed African Americans represented what fraction of the total southern population?

C) One third


Lincoln's Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction was called the Ten Percent Plan. This number referred to the percentage of:

A) southerners swearing loyalty to the Constitution


Johnson, like Lincoln, held the view that Reconstruction:

E) was a presidential function


Which ONE of the following is the result of the other four?

A) Pres. Johnson impeached

B) Tenure of Office Act passed

C) Civil Rights Act passed

D) Reconstruction Acts passed

E) Grant breaks with Johnson

A) President Johnson impeaced


By 1880, nearly nearly three quarters of black southerners became:

D) sharecroppers


Which one of the following is NOT one of the three groups that made up the fledgling Republican coalition in the post-war South?

A) African Americans

B) Carpetbaggers

C) White northerners

D) Pre-war Whigs

E) Radical Democrats

E) Radical Democrats

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