11th grade Top 20 Vocabulary Words

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Assuage (verb)

to relieve or soothe

The mother's lullaby assuaged the child's fears.


Discern (verb)

to regognize the difference

Your teacher will ask you to discern the relevant and irrelevant information.


Delineate (verb)

to obtain

They delineated the process for completing the chemistry lab.


Procure (verb)

to obtain

The antique dealer procured three new pieces at the auction.


Enigma (noun)

a mystery

For centuries, man has clained the mind of a women is an enigma


Implicit (adjective)

implied, rather than expressly stated

Nick and Joe had an implicit agreement that they would never date the other's ex-girlfriend.


Explicit (adjective)

fully and clearly expressed or demonstrated

Your body paragraph must include explicit evidence from the text.


Humility (noun)

the quality of being humble or modest

The boy displayed great humility by not taking credit for his ideas in a group.


Quandary (noun)

a state of perplexity or uncertainty

The traveler came to a fork in the road and was in a quandary over which direction to take.


Conspicuous (adjective)

noticeable, obvious

In the words of Usher, "I was in the club, looking so conspicuous."


Auspicious (adjective)

favorable, noteworthy

The ball is an auspicious occasion for the students of the Senior class.


Elucidate (verb)

to make clear; to explain

The counselor asked the students involved in the fight to elucidate on the situation that caused the altercation.


Segue (noun)


The English teacher used a segue when moving to the next topic


Transpire (verb)

to occur, happen, take place

As 11th grade students, several lessons must transpire before you are ready to take the Regents exam.


Concise (adjective)

clear and to the point

Mrs. Ross asked her students to keep their responses concise.


Innate (adjective)

existing naturally

Most students have an innate understanding of acceptable classroom behavior.


Pensive (adjective)


Ms. Sloane appeared pensive as she perused the newspaper.


Vehement (adjective)

full of strong emotion

Mrs. Calvasina vehement response to her student's misbehavior was evident by her angry tone.


Infer (verb)

to conclude or judge by using evidence

Familiar with her boyfriend's moods, she was able to infer by his silent treatment that he was angry about something.


Anecdote (noun)

a short account of a particular event, usually humorous in nature

Before starting the lecture, Mr. Snedden told a particularly funny anecdote about the time his dog ate his student's essays.

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