Chapter 27 The Reproductive System Lab questions, True / False questions

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Chapter 27 The Reproductive System Lab questions True - False questions
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Figure 27.1
Using Figure 27.1, match the following:
1) Stem cell.

2) First cells with n number of chromosomes.

3) Type B spermatogonia.

4) Early spermatids.

5) Primary spermatocyte.

1. Answer: A

2. Answer: D

3. Answer: B

4. Answer: E

5. Answer: C

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Figure 27.2
Using Figure 27.2, match the following:
6) Acrosome.

7) location of mitochondria.

8) Midpiece.

9) location of nucleus.

10) Area of compacted DNA.

11) Flagellum.

6. Answer: B

7. Answer: A

8. Answer: A

9. Answer: C

10. Answer: C

11. Answer: D

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Figure 27.3
Using Figure 27.3, match the following:
12) The stage called ovulation.

13) Vesicular (Graafian) follicle.

14) Primary follicles.

15) Primordial follicle.

16) Corpus luteum.

17) Mature follicle.

12. Answer: E

13. Answer: C

14. Answer: B

15. Answer: A

16. Answer: D

17. Answer: C


True/False Questions
1) It is necessary for the testes to be kept below body temperature.

Answer: TRUE


2) The prostate atrophies as a man ages, and it usually causes no health problems.

Answer: FALSE


3) The hormone oxytocin combines with enzymes in semen to enhance sperm motility.

Answer: FALSE


4) When a couple is having difficulty conceiving a child, it is necessary to investigate the sperm
of the male.

Answer: TRUE


5) The amount of testosterone and sperm produced by the testes is dependent on the influence of
FSH alone.

Answer: FALSE


6) Ovarian follicles contain mature eggs.

Answer: FALSE


7) Sexually transmitted infections are the most important cause of reproductive disorders.

Answer: TRUE


8) Reproduction is not possible in males or females until one year after puberty has begun.

Answer: FALSE


9) The smaller cell produced by oogenesis meiosis I, called the first polar body, is essentially a
packet of discarded nuclear material.

Answer: TRUE


10) Pain during ovulation is called dysmenorrhea.

Answer: FALSE


11) A human egg or sperm contains 23 pairs of chromosomes.

Answer: TRUE


12) The Pap smear is a test to detect cancerous changes in cells of the cervix.

Answer: TRUE


13) The adenohypophyseal hormone that triggers ovulation is estrogen.

Answer: FALSE


14) The male urethra serves the urinary system only.

Answer: FALSE


15) Both tetrads and crossovers are seen during meiosis.

Answer: TRUE


16) Failure to attain erection is called impotence.

Answer: TRUE


17) Ovulation occurs near the end of the ovarian cycle.

Answer: FALSE


18) The corpus luteum secretes progesterone only.

Answer: FALSE


19) Female orgasm is required for conception.

Answer: FALSE


20) The first sign of puberty in females is budding breasts.

Answer: TRUE


21) The primary function of the testes is to produce testosterone.

Answer: FALSE


22) The stage in meiosis where chromosomal exchange takes place is telophase.

Answer: FALSE


23) The diamond-shaped area between the coccyx, pubic arch, and ischial tuberosities in the
female is the vulva.

Answer: FALSE


24) The soft mucosal lining of the uterus is the endometrium.

Answer: TRUE


25) A scrotal muscle that contracts in response to cold environmental temperature is the

Answer: TRUE


26) The secretions of the bulbourethral glands neutralize traces of acidic urine in the urethra and
serve as a lubricant during sexual intercourse.

Answer: TRUE


27) The zona pellucida is formed as the follicle becomes a secondary follicle.

Answer: TRUE


28) The molecule that enhances the ability of testosterone to promote spermatogenesis is inhibin.

Answer: TRUE


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