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When did pharaoh Khufu live?

He lived during the Old Kingdom period.


What was Ramses like when he was your age?

He was made a captain in the egyptian army at the age of 10.


How did religion influence the people?

They thought the pharaohs were gods.


What was the Pharaoh Ramses called?

He was one of the most famous pharaohs and he was called Ramses the Great.


What was Ramses style? Provide two examples.

His style was BIG. He had over 100 wives and more than 100 children. He had hundreds of statues of himself all around Egypt.


What was Ramses known for?

He is best known for military leadership and building monuments.


What were tall thin monuments called?



What is a pharaoh?

A pharaoh is a leader in Ancient Egypt.


What is a mummy?

A mummy is a body that has been preserved to prevent it from decaying.


When did Senusret live?

He lived during the Middle Kingdom.


Who did Ramses try to defend?

He tried to defend the Egyptian empire that extended north into Canaan.


How old was Ramses when he was in the Egyptian army?

He was only 10!


What was the name of Ramses most impressive temple? It was carved into the cliff by the Nile River to impress his favorite wife Nefertari.

A temple called Abu Simbel.


Ramses was a great fighter but also he was a great ________________.

Peacemaker, he signed the world's first treaty with the Hittites


Why was Hatshepsut important?

She was the first woman pharaoh. She encouraged trade and promoted art and architecture.


How did Hatshepsut strengthen her position?

She spread stories that her parents were gods. She appeared sometimes as a man.


How did Hatshepsut promote trade?

She traded with many countries. She led a boating expedition to Punt.


How did craftspeople do under Pharaoh Senusret?

They flourished. The turned copper, gold, and gems into jewelry.


What was the story Sinue?

A story from Senuret about a man who runs away and his pharaoh calls him back.


Which monument did Senusret build and what was it like?

He built the White Chapel. It was made from white stone (alabaster) and it covered in a thin layer of gold.


What did Khufu build?

He build the Great Pyramid at Giza.


What did Khufu establish with his people?

He established authority--telling people what to do.


What is a pyramid?

A large monument with temples and tombs.


In what order did the pharaohs rule? Senusret-Ramses-Hatshepsut-Khufu


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