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PNF patterns

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created 3 years ago by thardes

Test 2/19 & 2/20/15

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Shoulder Flexion, adduction & external rotation, wrist & finger flexion. "picking an apple"

UE D1 Flexion


Shoulder extension, abduction & internal rotation; wrist & finger ext

"dropping apple in basket"

UE D1 Extension


Shoulder Flexion, abduction & external rotation; wrist & finger extension

"a waiter holding an overhead tray"

UE D2 flexion


Shoulder extension, adduction & internal rotation

"grasping a sword on your opposite hip"

UE D2 Extension


Hip flexion, abduction & external rotation; ankle d.f. & inversion

"looking at gum on the bottom of your shoe"

LE D1 Flexion


Hip extension, abduction & internal rotation

"toe point on floor"

LE D1 Extension


Hip flexion, abduction & internal rotation

"kick someone standing near you"

LE D2 Flexion


Hip extension, adduction & external rotation

"start braiding with a foot in front & crossed over"

LE D2 Extension

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