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How does Tom trick his friends into helping him whitewash the fence

He convinces them that the job is fun


Why do Tom and Huck first go to the graveyard

To charm away warts


What is Jackson's Island

A small island in the middle of the Mississippi River


Who is Sid

Tom's younger half-brother


What does Injun Joe do after Tom testifies against him

He flees out the window


What insect does Tom release in church

A pinch-bug


Who is blamed for the murder of Dr. Robinson

Muff Potter


What does Tom do to win a bible in Sunday school

He trades the other children for their tickets


What does Huck do outside Tom's window to summon him to their midnight adventures

He meows like a cat


Who is the first of the boys to suggest abandoning the pirating expedition

Joe Harper


Who is unaffected by the revival that sweeps through town

Tom Sawyer, who is sick at the time


What day is bad luck for hunting buried treasure



Why does Huck not go on the picnic

Because he has not been invited


What happens when Tom and Joe learn to smoke

They get sick


Who decides to have McDougal's Cave bolted shut

Judge Thatcher


What will become of the treasure Huck and Tom find

It will be invested for the boys


Who is the only person to hug Huck when the three boys return for the funeral

Aunt Polly


Who adopts Huck Finn at the end of the novel

The Widow Douglas


Whom does Tom encounter in the cave

Injun Joe


What keeps Injun Joe from finding Tom and Huck hidden upstairs in the haunted house

The staircase begins to crumble


Why does Injun Joe want revenge on the Widow Douglas

Because her husband once punished and humiliated him


Whom does Tom suspect of spilling ink on his spelling book



What is Huck most afraid of when he and Tom return to the cave to find the treasure

Injun Joe's ghost


Who doesn't believe Tom's claim that he dreamed about things that occurred at home while he was pirating on Jackson's Island



What does Tom find behind door No. 2 at the Temperance Tavern

Whiskey and Injun Joe

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