Ch 11 Muscular System Test Bank Questions

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Most muscles cross at least one



The attachment of a muscles tendon to the stationary bone is called the ______; the attachment of the muscles other tendon to the movable bone is called ______.

Origin, insertion


This is an inflammation of the synovial membrane surrounding a joint



A lever is acted on at two different points by two different forces which are

effort and load


Motion will occur in a muscle when the ____ supplies exceeds the _____.

Effort, load


Which of the following is not a fascicle arrangement?



This type of fascicle arrangement has the fascicles spread over a broad area and converges at a thick central tendon.



What is another name for a prime mover?



This type of muscle works by stabilizing the origin of a prime mover so that it can act more efficiently.



Which of the following is not one of the descriptive ways to name a muscle?

Number of cells

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