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Microbiology chapter 18 and 24 potential test questions

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Hiv attaches to cell receptor called

  1. gp41
  2. an endosome
  3. CD4
  4. protease
  5. gp120

c. CD4


Which of these HIV proteins binds to CD4 on human cells?

  1. integrase
  2. protease
  3. gp41
  4. gp120

d. gp120


A provirus is

  1. a virus inserted into its host's chromosome
  2. any effective virus
  3. a type of syncytium
  4. active only when housed in its capsid

a. a virus inserted into its host's chromosome


Human immunodeficiency viruses most likely arose from

  1. genetically engineered human virus
  2. reverse transcription
  3. mutation of protease
  4. simian immunodeficiency viruses

d. dimian immunodeficiency viruses


Protease is an enzyme required by HIV to

  1. integrate the viral genome into the host chromosome
  2. enter human cells
  3. replicate the viral genome
  4. cleave a polypeptide so as to release reverse transcriptase

d. cleave a polypeptide so as to release reverse transcriptase


Why is AIDS more accurately termed a "syndrome" rather than a mere disease?

because it can result in many opportunisitic diseases including shingles, herpes, meningitis, toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis, pneumocystis, thrush, dementia.


Bacterial infection of the vagina that does not involve inflammation is called

  1. bacterial virulence
  2. bacterial vaginitis
  3. bacterial vaginosis
  4. bacterial bubosis

c. bacterial vaginosis


Select the true statement about gummas

  1. Gummas are small, painless, reddened hard lesions.
  2. gummas are diseased lymph nodes, which may persist for months
  3. gummas typically form during the primary phase of syphilis
  4. gummas are rubbery, painfully swollen lesions

d. are rubbery, painfully swollen lesions


Which stage of syphilis is characterized by chancres filled with contagious spirochetes

  1. primary
  2. secondary
  3. latent
  4. tertiary

a. primary


Treatment of chlamydial infections involves

  1. erythromycin cream
  2. tetracycline
  3. surgical correction of eyelid deformities
  4. all of the above

d. all of the above


In which state of syphilis is penicillin ineffective?

  1. primary
  2. secondary
  3. tertiary
  4. penicillin is ineffective for all of the above

c. tertiary


Which of the following is the most common of these sexually transmitted diseases in the US?

  1. syphilis
  2. gonorrhea
  3. chlamydial infection
  4. AIDS

c. chlamydial infection


A foul smelling, yellowish green vaginal discharge characterizes

  1. gonorrhea
  2. trichomoniasis
  3. chlamydial infection
  4. syphilis

b. trichomoniasis


Which of the following statements concerning properly used condoms is false?

  1. reduce the spread of genital warts
  2. reduce the incidence of gonorrhea
  3. may increase the likelihood of chlamydial infection
  4. are effective in reducing the transmission of syphilis

a. reduce the spread of genital warts


Leptospira causes



Haemophilus causes



Chlamydia causes

Lymphogranuloma venereum


Treponema causes



Neisseria causes



Staphylococcus causes

Toxic shock sydrome


Candida causes

Yeast infection


HHV-1 causes

Cold sores, sometimes genital herpes


HHV-2 causes

Genital herpes, sometimes cold sores


Papillomavirus causes

Genital warts

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