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What would be a normal body weight after 1 year for a healthy infant with a birthweight of 8 lbs



What is the typical weight gain (lbs) of an infant between the first and second year of life?



What is the approximate energy requirement of infants, in kcalories per kilogram body weight



Infants showing symptoms of acidosis, dehydration, diarrhea, elevated blood ammonia and urea, and fever may be reacting to the nutritional problem of

protein overload


Which of the following is a feature of energy metabolism in infancy



When expressed per kilogram body weight, the nutrient needs of infants are markedly higher than those of young adults for all of the following nutrients except



What organ in the infant uses more than half of the day’s total energy intake?



What is the relative weight of an infant brain compared to an adult’s brain?

six times as much


All of the following are features of nutrition and metabolism in infancy except

the protein content in breast milk can be high enough to occasionally induce protein overload.


The recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals for infants are based on the

average amounts ingested by thriving infants breastfed by well-nourished mothers


Which of the following is a feature of water in infancy?

Much of the infant’s body water content is located extracellularly


All of the following are characteristics of breastfeeding frequency and duration except

more infrequent and short-duration feedings are preferable to stimulate lactation and breast-filling.


For optimal breast-feeding benefits, it is recommended that the infant be encouraged to suckle on each breast for about

10-15 minutes


All of the following are features of breast milk composition except

the concentration of protein is slightly higher than for cow’s milk


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Canadian Pediatric Society, breastfeeding of full-term infants is

strongly recommended


What is the chief reason that breast-fed infants usually need to eat more frequently than formula-fed infants

Breast milk is digested faster


Which of the following is a finding regarding the importance of fatty acid intake for preterm infants fed formulas?

Formulas enriched with docosahexaenoic acid and arachidonic acid resulted in improved visual acuity compared with standard formulas


What is the chief protein in human breast milk?



Breast milk as the sole source of nutrition, up to the first 6 months in healthy infants, is satisfactory for all nutrients except

vitamin D


Nutrient characteristics of human breast milk include all of the following except

the vitamin D content meets optimal growth requirements


Which of the following vitamin-mineral supplements need not be prescribed for an infant breastfed beyond 6 months of age?

Vitamin E


What is colostrum

A milk-like substance secreted right after delivery


Which of the following is an advantage of breastfeeding compared with formula feeding?

It provides immunological protection


Which of the following is a feature of infant development and nutrition?

Breast-fed infants obtain iron-binding proteins that inhibit bacterial infections


Which of the following is associated with bifidus factors?

Increased bacterial growth


What factor in breast milk binds iron and prevents it from supporting the growth of the infant’s intestinal bacteria?



What is lactadherin?

A breast milk protein that inactivates a GI virus that causes diarrhea


You are presenting a talk on the benefits of breastfeeding to a group of new mothers with a Peace Corps group in Zimbabwe. There have been numerous cases of infant diarrhea within this population over the past several years. Why is breastfeeding especially important under these circumstances?

The lactadherin protein present in breast milk attacks diarrhea-causing viruses


All of the following are features of breast milk banks except

they accept milk from mothers who smoke cigarettes but not marijuana


Which of the following describes the results of studies on weight gain of people who were either breastfed or formula fed?

The findings on weight gain of people who were formula fed or breastfed are inconsistent


Which of the following is not known to be an advantage of breastfeeding

Breastfed infants born prematurely grow more slowly than formula-fed infants born prematurely


Compared with cow’s milk, breast milk contains

less protien and calcium


To gradually replace breast milk with infant formula or other foods appropriate to an infant’s diet is to



Which of the following formulas is available for infants with lactose intolerance



Which of the following is a feature of infant soy formulas?

They contain cornstarch and sucrose rather than lactos


Features of infant formulas include all of the following excep

they contain antibodies


What type of formula is available for infants with milk allergy?



Which of the following is a common source of lead poisoning in infants

Contaminated water used to make infant formula


What is the most realistic advice for reducing lead exposure from the tap water used to prepare infant formula?

Because the first water drawn from the tap each day is highest in lead, let the water run a few minutes before using it


Goat’s milk is inappropriate for infants due to its low content of



An infant diagnosed with “goat’s milk anemia” is most likely deficient in



Which of the following sources of nutrition for infants is least likely to become contaminated with microorganisms?

breast milk


Which of the following defines nursing bottle tooth decay?

Marked tooth decay of an infant due to prolonged exposure to carbohydrate-rich fluids from a bottle


Low-fat or nonfat milk should not be given routinely to a child until after the age of

two years


What term defines the condition of infant tooth deterioration resulting from chronic exposure to carbohydrate-rich fluids from a bottle?

nursing bottle tooth decay


During the first year of life, cow’s milk is considered an inappropriate food due to all of the following except

it is too low in sodium


Which of the following should not be used to feed an infant?

whole milk


Approximately what percentage of infants are born prematurely?



Which of the following feeding practices is recommended for preterm infants?

They should be fed preterm breast milk, occasionally fortified with specific nutrients


Of the following cereals, which is most likely to result in an allergic reaction upon first feeding?



What is beikost

A term that describes any nonmilk food offered to an infant


Which of the following represents a good age to introduce solid foods to infants?

five months


At what age does the normal infant first develop the ability to swallow solid food

4-6 months


Why should new foods be introduced to an infant one at a time?

Any allergic reactions can be detected


What should be the first cereal introduced to the infant?



Roberta’s first child is now 8 months old. Roberta has been breastfeeding and would like to begin to introduce solids foods. She read somewhere to introduce one food at a time to the infant. Which of the following would be the best choice for the first food to introduce to the baby



Which of the following nutrients need to be supplied first by solid foods in a baby’s diet?

vitamin c and iron


Infants should not be given canned vegetables due to excessive amounts of



Infants fed honey or corn syrup are at increased risk for



What is the principal reason that information about fat on food labels of infant foods is intentionally omitted?

To prevent parents from restricting their infants’ fat intake


Foods containing sorbitol or other sugar alcohols should not be given to infants because they

promote diahreaa


All of the following are characteristics of vegetarian diets and infancy except

rice milk may substitute for other beverages from the age of 12 months and on


Which of the following is the primary factor in the development of milk anemia?

excessive intake of cows milk


Young children who drink more than 2 to 3½ cups of milk a day are most likely at increased risk for deficiency of



A child who drinks a lot of milk at the expense of other foods is at high risk of showing signs of



The consumption of milk by children should not exceed 4 cups per day in order to lower the risk for

iron deficiency


What should be the parent’s response when a one-year-old child wants to clumsily spoon-feed himself?

Let the child try to feed himself so that he will learn


Which of the following is associated with energy metabolism of the preschool child?

A 1-year-old who needs 800 kcal/day would require only about 1600 kcal at 6 years of age


Approximately how many kcal per day does an average 6 year old need to obtain?



How much more total energy does a normal-weight 10 year old need vs. a 1 year old?



A reasonable daily fiber intake for a 5 year old would be



Which of the following is a characteristic of fat in the diet of children?

Fat intakes below 30% of total energy do not impair growth provided that total energy intake is adequate


Which of the following is the most prevalent nutrient deficiency among U.S. and Canadian children?



Which of the following is a feature of nutrition in childhood?

Children who fail to consume vitamin D-fortified foods should receive a daily supplement of 10 micrograms


Which of the following is a characteristic of meal planning for children?

Children 1½ years of age consume more french fries than any other vegetable


Which of the following is a characteristic of hunger and behavior in children?

Children who eat nutritious breakfasts are absent from school less often than their friends who do not


Which of the following is the most likely reason that teachers promote the consumption of midmorning snacks for children?

It provides carbohydrate for maintenance of blood glucose and brain function


Which of the following is characteristic of children who regularly eat breakfast or skip breakfast?

Breakfast-skippers actually show lower scores on IQ tests than those who eat breakfast


Jenny is a 13-year-old Hare Krishna who follows a vegan diet due to religious beliefs. She has not been performing as well as her non-vegetarian study friend on math tests and has been very upset about it. The teacher reports to Jenny’s mom that she does not appear focused during lessons and can’t seem to concentrate

The diet provides insufficient bioavailable iron and she many be anemic


All of the following are features of iron nutrition in children except

the brain appears to be less sensitive to iron deficiency than the rest of the body


Which of the following is a characteristic of iron deficiency in children?

It affects brain function before anemia sets in


Which of the following is a feature of iron nutrition and behavior in children?

Children who had iron-deficiency anemia as infants perform poorly even after iron status improves


All of the following are common signs of mild lead toxicity except



Which of the following is a characteristic of lead exposure and health?

Absorption of lead is higher on an empty stomach


What is the prevalence of hyperactivity in children?



All of the following are characteristics of hyperactivity in children except

in many cases, it responds favorably to dietary manipulations such as limiting sugar intake


All of the following are characteristics of hyperactivity in children except

excessive amounts of sugar may cause or aggravate hyperactivity


What is the term given to the child who is hyperactive with severe and impulsive behavior

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder


A child who develops antibodies to a certain food is said to have a

food allergy


An adverse reaction to food that does not signal the body to form antibodies is termed a

food intolerance


Which of the following is a characteristic of a food allergy

It always involves the production of antibodies


You have just started work as a summer camp counselor and completed a training session for all the new employees on safety. Counselors were instructed to prohibit campers from eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches anywhere other than the cafeteria. You believe that the most likely explanation for this rule is to

minimize peanut exposure for campers with peanut allergies.


Which of the following foods are most often the cause of allergies?

eggs,peanuts, milk


What food is responsible for the most life-threatening allergic reactions in people?



A life-threatening whole-body allergic reaction is known as

anaphylactic shock


A child known to be allergic to peanuts who begins to show signs such as difficulty breathing, swelling of the tongue, and severe abdominal discomfort is most likely in immediate need of a life-saving injection of



All of the following are features of food allergies except

the presence of antibodies always coincides with physical symptoms


A child with a true allergy to milk is actually allergic to the milk’s



If a child is allergic to soy, which of the following should be avoided?

Textured vegetable protein


People who show adverse reactions to foods such as increased pulse rate, nausea, and hives, but do not show antibodies to the offending foods, are displaying

food intolerances


Approximately what percentage of U.S. children between 2 and 19 years of age are overweight?



Which of the following is a characteristic of obesity in childhood

A nonobese child of nonobese parents has a less than 10% chance of becoming obese in adulthood


What are the odds that an overweight 18 year old with only one obese parent will become an obese adult?

4 in 5


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, what is the maximum number of hours/day of television viewing for a child under 2 years of age?



What population group consumes the most soft drinks each day at school?

teenage boys


The typical can of soft drink contains the equivalent of how many teaspoons of sugar?



Five cans of soft drinks provide approximately how many kcalories?



To help improve a child’s BMI, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting television and video time for children older than 2 years to how many hours per day?



All of the following describe influences of television and video gaming on nutrition except

children are exposed to thousands of TV commercials each year but their requests for advertised foods are heeded by their parents only half the time.


All of the following are typical growth characteristics of overweight children except

they can achieve a normal appearance after losing excess fat


Which of the following two conditions are associated with television’s influence?

obesity and high blood lipids


What is the most likely explanation for the increased prevalence of obesity in children over the past 30 years?

they are less active physically


What is the leading cause of high blood pressure in children



Which of the following is a feature of nutrition and behavior in childre

Television commercials featuring snack foods have been found to affect children’s food preferences


Mike is a 10-year-old inactive child who weighs 150 pounds. He has come to your practice with his parents for help on losing weight. What advice should be given to the parents?

Maintain weight and do not encourage weight loss during growth and development


To lower the risk of obesity in children, which of the following practices should parents institute for their children

Teach them to take appropriate food portions


Which of the following is an effective strategy for dealing with obesity in a child?

Engage the individual in at least 1 hour per day of moderate to vigorous physical activity


Why is it recommended that overweight children not follow a low-kcalorie diet?

Diet restriction can interfere with growth and development


Who is best able to manage the growth and weight gain of overweight children

Health-care professional


Which of the following steps should be undertaken by the parent or guardian to ensure that young people eat well?

Control the availability of food


Which of the following practices is not among the recommendations to help children develop an interest in vegetables?

Serve vegetables with the promise that after they are eaten, dessert will follow


Even in preschoolers whose habits are being established, existing dietary attitudes are relatively resistant to change. How should wise parents react

Be patient and persistent


All of the following are food preferences in children except

hot foods are preferred to warm ones


All of the following are features of snacking in children except

snacking should be prevented


Which of the following is not among the recommended methods for introducing new foods to children?

present new foods at the end of a meal


If a child is reluctant to try a new food, it is best to

quietly remove it and present it again at another time.


When children are allowed to eat freely from a variety of foods, they usually select foods that are high in



The single most effective way to teach nutrition to children is



What minimum fraction of the RDA for key nutrients for children 10-12 years of age should be provided by public school lunches?



Which of the following is a feature of public school food programs?

They must follow the Dietary Guidelines for Americans


All of the following are influences that undermine healthful food intake and food selection at schools except

reducing the prices of nutritious foods does not promote their purchase by students


The adolescent growth spurt

begins and ends earlier in girls than in boys


What is the approximate duration of the adolescent growth spurt?

2 1/2 years


Which of the following is a characteristic of the adolescent period?

Obesity occurs more often in African-American females


All of the following are features of the iron RDA for adolescents except

the frequency of iron deficiency is similar among males and females of the sam


A local high school has just added milk to the vending machines. Parents were very supportive of this change; however, not all the students believe this is useful. You have a few minutes to speak to the student body, and your talk should

point out that milk is a good source of calcium, which is required for teens during peak bone growth


What is menarche

the females time of first menstration


Adolescent women may fail to reach peak bone mass for all of the following reasons except

lactose intolerance begins to intensify during the teenage years


All of the following are characteristics of adolescents’ food intakes except

eating breakfast results in higher overall daily intakes of protein and fat but unchanged intakes of iron and zinc compared with breakfast skippers


Which of the following is a feature of beverage intake in adolescents?

Four standard colas a day provides enough caffeine to alter behavior


Approximately how much caffeine is delivered by a typical cola beverage?

30-55 mg


About how many meals each week are eaten outside the home by adolescents



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Approximately what fraction of an average teenager’s daily energy intake is derived from snacks?



A cigarette smoker who is planning to quit should expect a weight gain in the first year of about

10 lbs


Which of the following is not a characteristic of cigarette smokers and nutrition?

They have higher intakes of carotene-rich foods


Which of the following is a characteristic of tobacco use and adolescents?

Smokers require more vitamin C to maintain body stores


All of the following are characteristics in the development of atherosclerosis except

once plaque is formed, it can be contained but cannot regress.


The association of cholesterol to the health of children is described by all of the following except

there appears to be only a very weak correlation between obesity in children and their blood cholesterol levels.


All of the following are characteristics of blood cholesterol in children except

acceptable total cholesterol levels are up to 240 mg/d.


Which of the following is not a characteristic of physically active children and blood lipids?

They respond differently than do physically active adults towards changes in blood lipids


Which of the following is not a dietary recommendation for children?

Children with high blood cholesterol should be treated first with statin

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