HESI A2- Reading Comprehension Practice Test- Part 5

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Appendix B-Part 1
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(Read the passage and answer the following questions)

The Water Cycle

Water is needed to sustain practically all life functions on planet Earth. A single drop of this compound is composed of an oxygen atom that shares its electrons with each of the two hydrogen atoms.

The cycle starts when precipitation, such as rain, snow, sleet, or hail, descends from the sky onto the ground. Water that is not absorbed immediately from the precipitation is known as runoff. The runoff flows across the land and collects in groundwater reservoirs, rivers, streams, and oceans.

Evaporation takes place when liquid water changes into water vapor, which is a gas. Water vapor returns to the air from surface water and plants.

Ultimately, condensation happens when this water vapor cools and changes back into droplets of liquid. In fact, the puffy, cotton clouds that we observe are formed by condensation. When the clouds become heavily laden with liquid droplets, precipitation ensues.



What is the meaning of the word composed in the first paragraph?

A. To consist of

B. To be uniquely discovered

C. To be set apart

D. To be surprised



What is the main idea of this passage?

A. Water is formed from the joining of two hydrogen atoms to one atom of oxygen.

B. Water is a versatile and important universal solvent.

C. The different components of the water cycle are precipitation, evaporation, and condensation.

D. Rain is a trivial part of the life cycle.



Which statement is not a detail from the passage?

A. A single drop of water is made of a couple of hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms.

B. Evaporation takes place when liquid water changes into water vapor.

C. Water that is not absorbed is called runoff.

D. Condensation fails to happen when water vapor cools and changes back into droplets of liquid.



What was the author's primary purpose for writing this essay?

A. To persuade the reader to conserve water

B. To persuade the reader that runoff is not the best way to collect water

C. To analyze different types of runoff

D. To inform the reader about the stages of the water cycle



What can the reader conclude from this passage about ponds and lakes?

A. They are examples of groundwater reservoirs.

B. They are not important in the collection of runoff.

C. They do not play a role in water collection.

D. They consist of only water collected through precipitation.



Knowing that the cooling of water vapor results in condensation, one could conclude that _______ is/are a factor in the evaporation process.

A. Humidity

B. Heat

C. Electrons

D. Runoff


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