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General Statistics: Ch 1, Sec 1.2 Quiz

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This course is designed to acquaint the student with the principles of descriptive and inferential statistics. Topics will include: types of data, frequency distributions and histograms, measures of central tendency, measures of variation, probability, probability distributions including binomial, normal probability and student's t distributions, standard scores, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, correlation, and linear regression analysis. This course is open to any student interested in general statistics and it will include applications pertaining to students majoring in athletic training, pre-nursing and business.

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In the data table​ below, the​ x-values are the weights​ (in pounds) of cars and the​ y-values are the corresponding highway fuel consumption amounts​ (in mi/gal).

Given the context of the car measurement​ data, what issue can be addressed by conducting a statistical analysis of the​ values?

Is there a relationship or an association between the weight of a car and its fuel consumption​ amount?


An editorial criticized a chart caption that described a dental floss as one that "reduces the chance of plaque on teeth by over 400 percent."

What is wrong with this​ statement?

A reduction of 100% would eliminate all plaque, so it is not possible to reduce it by more than 100%.

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The​ x-values in the table to the right are the nicotine amounts​ (in mg) in different 100 mm​ filtered, non-"light" menthol cigarettes. The​ y-values are the nicotine amounts​ (in mg) in different​ king-size nonfiltered,​ nonmenthol, and​ non-"light" cigarettes.

If suitable methods of statistics are​ used, it can be concluded that the average​ (mean) nicotine amount of the 100 mm​ filtered, non-"light" menthol cigarettes is less than the average​ (mean) nicotine amount of the​ king-size nonfiltered,​ nonmenthol, and​ non-"light" cigarettes.

Can it be concluded that the first type of cigarette is​ safe? Why or why​ not?

Since the first type of cigarette contains less nicotine than the second type of​ cigarette, the first type is safer.​ However, it cannot be concluded that it is safe.


Which of the following is NOT a misuse of​ statistics?

Utilizing valid statistical methods and correct sampling techniques

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