Chapter 25 The Urinary System Matching / Lab Exam

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Figure 25.1
Using Figure 25.1, match the following:

1) Glomerulus.

2) Afferent arteriole.

3) Collecting duct.

4) Loop of Henle.

5) Peritubular capillaries.

6) Structure most closely associated with granular cells.

7) Medulla of the kidney.

1. Answer: C

2. Answer: A

3. Answer: B

4. Answer: E

5. Answer: D

6. Answer: A

7. Answer: E

card image

Figure 25.2
Using Figure 25.2, match the following:

8) Podocyte.

9) Is composed of simple squamous epithelium.

10) Collecting duct cells.

11) Proximal convoluted tubule cells.

12) Filtrate at the site of these cells is about the same osmolarity as blood plasma.

13) Cells that are the most active in reabsorbing the filtrate.

14) Cells that reabsorb virtually all the nutrients.

15) Cells that are most affected by ADH.

16) Almost no water is absorbed in these cells.

8. Answer: B
Page Ref: 970; Fig. 25.9

9. Answer: A
Page Ref: 964; Fig. 25.7

10. Answer: C
Page Ref: 965; Fig. 25.5

11. Answer: E
Page Ref: 965; Fig. 25.5

12. Answer: E
Page Ref: 966; Fig. 25.5

13. Answer: E
Page Ref: 966; Fig. 25.5

14. Answer: E
Page Ref: 966; Fig. 25.5

15. Answer: C
Page Ref: 966; Fig. 25.5
16. Answer: D
Page Ref: 966; Fig. 25.5


Match the following:

A) Site at which most of the tubular reabsorption occurs.
B) Blood supply that directly receives substances from the tubular cells.
C) Site of filtrate formation.
D) Site that drains the distal convoluted tubule.

17) Proximal convoluted tubule.

18) Glomerulus.

19) Peritubular capillaries.

20) Collecting duct.

17) A
Page Ref: 966, 974

18) C
Page Ref: 969

19) B
Page Ref: 968

20) D
Page Ref: 966


True/False Questions

1) If the GFR is too low, needed substances may pass so quickly through the renal tubules that
they are not absorbed and instead are lost in the urine.

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 972


2) In the kidneys, the countercurrent mechanism involves the interaction between the flow of
filtrate through the loop of Henle of the juxtamedullary nephrons (the countercurrent multiplier)
and the flow of blood through the limbs of adjacent blood vessels (the countercurrent
exchanger). This relationship establishes and maintains an osmotic gradient extending from the
cortex through the depths of the medulla that allows the kidneys to vary urine concentration

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 979-982


3) The ureter transports urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 985


4) Water reabsorption through the proximal convoluted tubule is termed obligatory water
reabsorption, whereas water reabsorption through the distal convoluted tubule is termed
facultative water reabsorption.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 975, 978


5) The position of the kidneys behind the
peritoneal lining of the abdominal cavity is described by the term retroperitoneal.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 961


6) The entire responsibility for urine formation lies with the nephron.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 964


7) Urine is 95% water by volume.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 985


8) The act of emptying the bladder is called voiding.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 988


9) Glomerular filtration is an ATP-driven process.

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 969


10) In the absence of hormones, the distal tubule and collecting ducts are relatively impermeable
to water.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 978


11) The collecting duct is impermeable to water in the presence of ADH.

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 978


12) The urethra contains an internal sphincter of smooth muscle.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 987


13) Angiotensin II is a substance made by the body to lower blood pressure during stress.

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 974


14) Aldosterone is a hormone that causes the renal tubules to reclaim sodium ions from the

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 978


15) Blood pressure in the renal glomerulus is lower than in most parts of the body in order to
conserve body water.

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 969


16) The proximal convoluted tubule is the portion of the nephron that attaches to the collecting

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 966


17) Urea is reabsorbed in the loop of Henle.

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 976-978


18) Incontinence is the inability to control voluntary micturition.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 988


19) The myogenic mechanism reflects the tendency of vascular smooth muscle to stretch.

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 972


20) An excessive urine output is called anuria.

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 974


21) Tubular secretion is effective in controlling blood pH.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 978


22) The trigone is so named because of the shape of the urinary bladder.

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 986


23) Atrial naturetic peptide inhibits sodium reabsorption.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 974


24) The macula densa cells are chemoreceptors that respond to changes in the urea content of the

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 968-969


25) Blood in the urine may be a symptom of bladder cancer.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 985; Tbl. 25.2


26) Obligatory water reabsorption involves the movement of water along an osmotic gradient.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 975


27) Having a kinked ureter is called renal ptosis.

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 961


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